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Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. By completing the “EuroPosgrados México 2023” application form, the exhibitor agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.

1. Definitions:

1.1 To the fair EuroPosgrados to be held by Thursday, November 9 in Mérida, Yucatán and Saturday, November 11, in México City (CDMX) is referred to in these terms and conditions as “the event”.

1.2 To the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Campus France, Servicio Español para la  Internacionalización de la Educación (SEPIE) and The Embassy of Sweden in México (Study in Sweden), as partner committee of the fair and Premier Meetings as implementing agency of the fair, is referred to as “the organizer”.

1.3 To a Higher Education Institution, Educational Consortium, Sponsorship Institution or National Representation from Europe that fulfils all the participation criteria set by the organizer and that has been formally accepted as a participant in the event is referred to as “the exhibitor”.

1.4 The exhibition-spaces for the EuroPosgrados fair are referred to as “the exhibit halls”.

1.5 To the stand allocated by the organizer to the exhibitor is referred to as “the assigned exhibit space” or “Booth”.


2. The primary purpose of the event is to inform potential graduate students and young professionals about study and research opportunities in Europe.


3 Registration/Application Form

3.1 To be accepted as exhibitor of the event, the Institutions accept these “Terms and Conditions for Participation”. Applications will be accepted in order of date of submission, depending on the availability of space.

3.2 “The exhibitor” represent that have read, understood, and are authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the organization. The completed EuroPosgrados Registration form is considered as the final agreement. “The exhibitor” agrees that by submitting the Registration Form acknowledges that this Agreement contains obligations which will be binding on the organization. Failure to comply by the terms and conditions will result in cancellation of participation, payment obligation or in forfeiture of the participation fee.

3.3 DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: No applications after October 6th, 2023, will be accepted unless the organizing committee decides to do so. The organizer reserves the right to accept or reject potential exhibitors at its own discretion. It is not required to give a reason or to compensate any damages suffered because of rejection.

3.4 The organizer will send the exhibitor a confirmation of participation only after the reception of the participation fee. The deadline for payment is October 13th, 2023. If the organizer has not received an exhibitor's fee by then, it will allocate the assigned exhibit space to other applicants.

4 Billing and PAYMENT

4.1 "The exhibitor“ will be billed in advance, at the time of registration for the Fair. Payments are accepted by bank wire, credit card or debit card through PayPal.

4.2 The exhibitor must add the fee of the bank (in case it exists) to guarantee the complete payment of the participation fee.

4.3 The exhibitor must consider the times and delays of the internal processes of the institution represented, to be able to comply with the payment date.

4.4 If the payment cannot be issued on the established date, a written notice explaining the situation must be sent to within 10 days of receiving the corresponding invoice, so the organizer can respond accordingly.

4.5  If “the organizer” has not received the complete exhibitor's fee by then, the booth will be removed, denying all access with no responsibility for the organizer.

5 Cancellation’s policy:

  • If cancellation occurs more than 60 days before the event date, a 30% cancellation fee will be applied.

  • Within 60 days, but more than 30 days before the event date, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.

  • Within 29 days or less before the event Date: Full amount will remain either payable or no refund or credit will be offered of the payments received.

5.2 In all cases, “the exhibitors” must send a written notice to for the contract to be finally cancelled. In that case, no party shall have no further claim on the other. Cancellations via phone, WhatsApp or any other communication tool are not accepted or considered valid.

5.3 Non-Payment. If payment is not received by EuroPosgrados within (30) days of the due date of the fair, EuroPosgrados will be entitled to initiate legal actions against the Client. Non-Payment does not invalidate this Agreement, any cancellation after this Agreement is accepted will be subject to the cancellation policy.


6. Should extreme circumstances warrant it (such as acts of war or other cases of force majeure) the organizer reserves the right to cancel or relocate the event or to change its dates. If the event is cancelled, the organizer will refund the participation fee that has been received by the exhibitor, minus a charge to help cover the organizer's costs. The organizer cannot be held liable for any other costs, which are incurred relating to the event.


7. The organizer is obliged to provide the exhibitor with the exhibit space and the stand that has been agreed upon.

7.1 The organizer will be the final authority in assigning the exhibit space to the exhibitors and will be free to alter the event's floor plan as necessary without prior notification.

8. An event services manual will be issued to the customer containing detailed instructions for the organization of the event, the provisions of which are in all respects part of these Rules and Regulations and are equally binding on all customers.

9. The assigned exhibit space is for up to two persons maximum representing the Higher Education Institution. These persons must be employed by or otherwise directly affiliated with the exhibitor, and they may represent only the exhibitor and no one else. Their names must be given to the organizer in advance. These representatives may not engage in any financial transactions with visitors to the event, and the exhibitor will be responsible for their behaviour. Any extra person causes an extra fee.

10. An exhibitor may not share its assigned space with anyone else, nor may an exhibitor arrange for anyone else to use it. The assigned exhibit space must be always staffed that the event is open to visitors.

10.1 Booth-sharing will be allowed only regarding a formal consortium of Higher Education Institutions in Europe. All members of the consortium must be Higher Education Institutions of a specific European country that meet all the participation criteria set by the organizer. For all its dealings with the organizer, a consortium must name one Higher Education Institution as the lead institution. A consortium will be treated as a single exhibitor. Only one brand name may therefore be advertised, will have a limited number of reps and the consortium will have only one entry in catalogue, on the website, and so on.

11. Materials that exhibitors wish to distribute during the event can be shipped in advance to the depot stipulated by the organizer. All costs of forwarding these materials from any country to the assigned depot in Mexico will be borne by the exhibitor. If the exhibitor registers these materials in advance with the organizer using the form provided for this purpose, the organizer will take care of transporting them from the depot in each city to the respective exhibit hall.

11.1 Distribution of materials may take place only within the space assigned to the exhibitor, and it must not interfere with other exhibitors. An exhibitor may not obstruct the aisles of the exhibit hall and/or affect in any way the displays of other exhibitors. Activities conducted outside an exhibitor's assigned space could be grounds for immediate expulsion from the exhibit hall. Exhibitors are expected to always demonstrate professional behavior during the event. The materials on display must be of good quality, properly labelled and comply with the rules and regulations of this contract.

12. Representatives may enter the exhibit hall one hour before it officially opens each day, and they may stay for one hour after it officially closes. All representatives of an exhibitor will be registered and given a badge. Only persons with a badge will be admitted to the exhibit hall before the official opening hours of the event. As mentioned above, representatives must have a direct affiliation with the exhibitor.

13. An exhibitor who will arrive late must notify the organizer before the event starts. Otherwise, the exhibit space could be reallocated, in which case there will be no refund.

14. After the event finishes, an exhibitor is obliged to turn over the assigned exhibit space to the organizer in the same condition it was found. The exhibitor is accountable to the organizer for any damage caused to the assigned stand, furniture, and its fixtures during the work of assembly and dismantling, as well as during the event itself.

15. “The organizer” reserve the right to make additional charges to “the exhibitor” equal to any amount charged to them for any services supplied to “the exhibitor” by other providers. The organizers accept no responsibility for quality or standard or breakdown or failure, of the services provided by other providers (hotel, bus etc.).

16. The exhibitor is responsible for insuring its staff members and property. The organizer cannot be held liable for personal injuries, losses, or damage of any kind, including personal accidents, illness, theft, electrical or electronic mishaps, fire, riots, natural disasters, and so on.

17. Contests, lotteries, and games of chance are not allowed without written permission from the organizer.

18. Publicity of the event. The committee will carry out a media campaign to publicize the event, expecting an approximate number of 1000 attendees per day. However, a minimum number of assistants or their quality is not guaranteed.

18.1 The organizer is not responsible for any damage caused by errors or omissions in the published information. Before, during and after the opening hours of the fair, the organizer is allowed to take photographs and videos of the exhibitor's space, attendees, and staff. This material may be used for any promotional purpose the organizer wishes.

19. Lead's Report. EuroPosgrados will recommend an app that should be downloaded in advance. “The exhibitor” is responsible to get the leads of the attendees interested in their institution, agreeing to follow the event's privacy policy. The database generated is for advertising and sharing it is not allowed. “The organizer” will not share the main database to any institution.

 20. Travel reservations and Hotel bookings are subject to the supplier’s own cancellation policies and terms. The organizers shall not be responsible for any actions or consequences derived from this.

21. Governing Law and Venue: This legal agreement is governed by the laws of Mexico that apply to contracts. The exhibitor agrees that the courts in Mexico will have exclusive jurisdiction for settling any disputes that arise in connection.

22. How to Contact Us. We welcome your comments and questions. Please contact us at

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